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BMC Injection Molding Machine Introduction

BMC injection molding machine is mainly used in thermoset BMC injection molding process. Its precision hydraulic control system and computer platform instead of the original outdated technology. So that products can be molded better and faster.
BMC injection molding machine main advantages are:
1, no manual Weighing
2, automatic feeding
3, rapid prototyping time
4, product obsolescence rate
BMC injection molding machine main unit are:
1, safety grating means
2, cold feed screw protection device
3, the emergency stop safety switch
4, P.I.D proportional temperature control
5, automatic shutdown and fault display
6, the entire computer screen control system
7, Double-button switch activation means safety
8, fast mold, low pressure safety clamping unit
9, proportional control hydraulic circuit
10, automatic washing feeding device
11, an electronic scale device
Currently BMC injection molding machine due to market demand, increasing market share. Greatly reducing the labor and production enterprises due to the high production cost caused by the problem!

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